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HexastormHexastorm 09/12/2019 at 19:480 Comments

I wanted to share a quick video of the alignment setup. The prism is running 2.5 times slower than in the proof of concept model. I have also removed the cylinder lenses for now as this simplifies alignment. The focus is on a robust setup for demonstrations and later quality.

As always, lets generate some more prior art;

non-planar 3D printing with prism scanner to avoid situation like the one with US10005126B2

I can envision a liquid or viscous fluid is applied with an extrusion nozzle or inkjet head and is cured with the prism scanner. This could also be a viscous liquid applied with a blade.
The patent talks of a correction factor that is calculated on basis of the slope. This is done to alter the extrusion. I claim that an optical measurement is done of the substrate to determine the correction factor (so it is done from life data during the experiment not from already existing cad data!!)
I claim that the amount of liquid that is extruded is constant (this is not altered). The prism scanner decides which part of the liquid is solidified. The remainder is possibly sucked up with a squeegee and pump or applicator bar and pump.
I can envision a similar process but then one were powder is blown and then sintered with a laser guided with the prism.

I can envision this is done in a hospital setup to a human or in an operation or for inspection of mechanical parts. I also claim the area "food printing".  You can for instance cure egg whites with IR radiation to trigger or monitor a Maillard reaction.
I claim belt like printing with prism scanner (so you print on a rotating belt, e.g. blackbelt 3D).
I also claim that a prism scanner is used to check the indentation in a hardness tester, at the moment a lot of companies use a camera. I claim that a prism scanner is used to check the indentation, for example see the hardness testers by Innovatest Europe.