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HexastormHexastorm 10/31/2019 at 10:540 Comments

Hey all,

I thought it was nice to give some update on the progress. Most of the work I did was in the software domain.

I have also build a second laser module and fixed the z-endstop in my test setup.

As always let's create some more prior art;

Blackbelt has a patent called for an infinite conveyor belt printer see This was scrutinized by Hackaday. The patent so far only seems valid in the Netherlands and the conveyor belt has to be planar with the horizon, see words  ".. parallel met de horizontaal is gelegen..." at the end of claim 1.
As such, I claim a machine in which the belt is not planar to the horizon but under a tilt angle.
I claim an infinite conveyor belt printer in which both a laser head and extruder is mounted. Possibly the extruder deposits a polymer which is polymerized by the laser. This polymer can be viscous so it stays on its place.

I also claim the use of a prism scanner in data gloves. This can be used to write or read from a substrate from a glove. I earlier claimed the Hexastorm was connected to a robotic arm like the Dexter.
In industry 4.0, workers are equipped with data gloves to check wether they are operating within requirement. In the proglove as shown here a camera is added to the hands of an operator. I can imagine a prism scanner is placed in this data glove.  This prism scanner could record information or write information on substrates. It could detect biological markers, or QR codes. It could detect cells or give a marking to a product. It could be used to determine the final position of a product which has to be precisely placed.