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HexastormHexastorm 01/06/2021 at 14:190 Comments

As described on Hackaday and Sci-hub, a new volumetric printing method has been described which uses two colors.
A light sheet with a 375 nm laser diode and DLP projection between 450-700 nm.

The prism scanner can also be used to accomplish this. Basically, you can intersect the projection of the prism scanner with a laser sheet or line.  The prism scanner could operate at 550 nm and the light sheet at 375 nm. It would allow you to solidify resin at the intersection and not at the top of the resin bath.

Note that if you project a resin bath from above (say from air). The top surface of this resin bath is NOT even. In fact it is wobbly, due to all sorts of surface effects. This would be circumvented by this new technology, as the top of the resin bath is not solidified.  An alternative for this would be to use a process akin to Continuous Liquid Interface Processing (CLIP) (here you also don't solidify the top due to oxygen interaction).
Back to Xolo, they might infringe patent US10843410B2, there seems to be no patent in Europe... The patents claims something very similar to what Xolo is doing.