New lasermodule

A project log for open-hardware transparent polygon scanner

laser scanner which uses transparent instead of reflective polygon

HexastormHexastorm 01/11/2019 at 18:160 Comments

I have finished the new module. It can be mounted on the FELIX frame. Th laser is aligned with the prism, and both apsheric lenses. A photodiode has been added. The spotsize is still in the order of 25 microns and the cross scan error in the order of 40 microns. I still need to measure the jitter.
Aluminum bar has been added for reinforcement and flatten the plate. It was slightly curved (in the order of a couple of 100 micron). The laser  and prism were aligned using shims.  Used Loctite 222 to lock the washers, loctite 406 anaeroob glue to lock plastic part and UV glue to mount the plastics. The lenses were glued with CAF3 (silicon glue) to the plastic posts. I didn't do this very clean so the optics became slightly dirty. I used pre-wetted polyester wipers and cleantips swaps with ethanol to fix it. The aluminum u-bar had a height and width of 10 mm and a thickness of 2 mm.