Rep Counter

As a lifter who trains alone, often doing long sets I want to build a rep counter, timer, pace setter device/system

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I'm a kettlebell lifter. We often do long sets (10 minutes of non stop work is not uncommon) and it can be challenging to keep a count. Additionally we often try to keep certain paces. Also, for a rep to count we have to achieve what is called fixation, a total stillness, for a fraction of a second which can be hard to judge without external feedback.
My initial project idea is to create a small device that can be attached to a kettlebell without interfering with use by the lifter that will count snatch reps. I would like to device to output to a second device that is not physically connected to the sensor. The second device should display a rep count and a timer.
Future iterations should allow for a metronome like function as well as being able to detect clean, long cycle, jerk, and snatch as distinct movements.

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