Clamping Force [Load Cell Test]

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Greg StephensGreg Stephens 06/09/2017 at 23:530 Comments

We bought a 2,000 lb load cell to start testing the clamping pressure of our vise collection. And, to compare those vises with The Maker Vise prototypes 1 & 2.

[ Full Results Here ]

First off.. we tested the clamping pressure of a popular hobby vise brand: Panavise

We used a copper cuboid block to reduce the risk of damaging our sensor. Then connected the load cell up to our computer for a measurement readout.

Let's see how our vise prototype stacks up?!

The Maker's Vise Prototype 1 reached approximately 500 lbs of reasonable clamping pressure. By 'reasonable clamping pressure,' I mean that we're not exerting ourselves to create higher clamping forces.

This does match what we would expect to see. About 1,000 lbs of clamping pressure split across the x and y axis. The downward pressure keeps the vise head from being tilted upward when clamping an irregular shaped object. ..i can see from the angle of the bolt that there is more force downward than actual clamping pressure.