õ¿õ The Colors Man ... !!!!

A project log for Maker's Vise

The most general purpose hobby vise.

Greg StephensGreg Stephens 06/21/2017 at 23:070 Comments

Here is one reason why you are going to LOVE having an aluminum vise!


Products get smaller.. and, as makers we have begun bringing tools out from the garage and into our homes more and more. Because we love our homes, we now require our tools to be cleaner and looking nicer! Right?!!

Well,.. Here's the trick. Once anodized, aluminum becomes porous! This means we can use surface dyeing techniques to apply patterns.

Here are some initial ideas of how we can color The Maker's Vise:

1. Dip-Dye with Rainbow Fade.

2. Submerge Dye with logo as negative.

3. Stamped Dye

4. Screen-Printing

5. Sublimation Printing

Would you keep any of these on your desks?!

This has the potential to make our vise look really cool,.. but it will be a lot of extra work too! For this reason, we may only do the dying for our crowd-sourced production run that will hopefully happen in October.