A project log for DAISEE - Buiding the Internets of Energy

Distributed Data & Physical Infrastructure for a Shared Governance of Energy | #Energy #P2P #DAO

samSam 06/08/2017 at 13:340 Comments

After a first version of our prototype that allowed us to learn about the Blockchain technologies (see prototype v0.1 in 2016 entry), we started the year 2017 on a new iteration of the prototype.
The objectives are to better understand the technology and its limitations, evaluate its relevance to different use-cases and to prepare the future field experimentations.

The main goal of the prototype is to allow peer-to-peer energy exchanges between several nodes of a small-scale network by:

First iteration of prototype v0.2 with 2 nodes

For this new version, we still rely on open-source CitizenWatt Application to display energy data and a local Ethereum blockchain for exchanges traceability (see the first intructions).
The focus will be on current measurement, data management and rules governing energy exchanges.