• First Prototype Testing - Video

    theresa.ohm06/07/2017 at 09:16 0 comments

    Here is the video showing the results of my last log entry. We used the system to test some of the spoiled foods (milk, orange juice, apple juice and banana). The system was very successful with milk spoilage using a methane sensor and quite successful with detecting spoilage in fruits with an alcohol sensor.

    The next challenge will be to reduce size dramatically and figure out the exact threshold of gas produced when the food it starting to spoil. We will be back with updates soon!

  • First results from Prototype Testing

    theresa.ohm05/29/2017 at 21:44 1 comment

    My teammate David and me managed to test a range of spoiled foods recently. We packages various kinds (milk, fruit juices, fruits, bread, prepared meal (risotto)) into sealed containers and left them outside the fridge.

    Now what sounds pretty disgusting is neccessary as we need to test if the gas sensors can actually pick it up. The methane sensor successfully detected spoiled milk and spoiled fruit. The fruit could also be detected using alcohol sensors, which are particularily helpful with detecting spoilage and decomposition of high-energy foods.

    A video showing the tests is to follow very soon...

  • First working prototype!

    theresa.ohm05/25/2017 at 16:38 0 comments

    This image shows our very first prototype we created after we refined the scenario and use of ProBe. The prototype contains an Arduino-based circuit that uses a gas sensor (in this photo sensor for methane) to detect food spoilage. Naturally different foods produce different gases when spoiling so that we want each sensor to have its own colour and icon for users to clearly distinguish between them!

  • The initial idea

    theresa.ohm05/12/2017 at 10:18 0 comments

    Hi there,

    This is David Damshek and Theresa Ohm, creators of ProBe.

    We were researching into food spoilage for many month before thinking about a possible solution. The idea to have sensors on the food itself or within the fridge arised from this very sketch that we created about a month back.