A metal core LED ring that fits the RPi Zero and Rpi Camera.

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The board has been designed around the Ti TPS61165 wide input white LED driver. It has an optional PWM input allowing the RPI to control the brightness of the LEDs. The round hole in the board will fit a Panasonic EKMC1601113 PIR which can come in handy to enable or disable the LEDs based on movement detection. By adding a heatsink or metal plate to the back, this board can run continuously at full power.
  • 1 × Texas Instruments TPS61165 ICs
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Camera
  • 27 × White LED 5630 0.5W LEDs
  • 1 × CAP # 4u7F 25V 0805 Capacitors
  • 1 × CAP # 1uF 50V 0805 Capacitors

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