I got unhealthy and needed a way to make some kind of income from home with nightmare neighbours and all

So my story on this journey. tbh you can see from I started this account. I got ill, started this hackaday just to keep logs and show people what to expect when getting into any of the same projects.

So I order Tronxy x1 and Anet A8 from Gearbest thinking cheap prototyping. I had a certain amount of money and nothing coming in so this is a investment of sort were Im looking to target certain consumables and undercut. You may think thats wrong but read on of my experiences in this game. Remember I am a Business man.

Ordered and straight off the bat realised these guys milking it for every penny they can. Telling all kinds of lies. Cant even answer simole questions, un reliable.

Simply changing to a USA plug reduced cost by £20??😒 really? what theeeee! yup, you know, I got alot of plugs around my home.

"Id say there £1 max value each so why am I paying £20? ALARM BELLS!"🤔🙉😅

It took them 14 days to process my claim😴😴😴. So long that I order another unit 😪then additional 7 days before dispatched 🤐

Yea! one of them ones.😲

I was right moment I got them😕😔 could tell by the box ect😔😟🤗🤕 so was no suprise on the rest of missing,😒 doa ectectect get onto them and ask for them to send replacement parts 1 motor few other bits the thing is is both machines had the exact same missing and dead parts🤔🤔🙉 and I wasnt even asking for them to send every missing broken thing either just the majors, I got auto reply🙉🙈🤔

Ah Im going on.😪

Anyway this led me to huilding my own.🙄

They gave me £30😝 back on 1 and want the other 1 returned😒 and you know what that will lead to dont you? ye we didnt send that so you can now pay for it to be shipped back as we aint replacing it TRIPPLE LOSS! and more.😭😢😭😨😩😠😳👌👈ye poked in the .💩

Be warned.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Even building this 9 out of 10 seller send faulty dead gear💩💩💩💩 and wait for the timer on paypal, "knowing paypal has even removed the escelate button" so you cant even escelate!🤔🤔 feel like oh they must be on it paypal protection and all that 🤗and then BAM case closed you lost🤔. Your dazed hows this possible?🤔🤔

"Because you goto phone them now to escelate a claim." And guess what, you cant reopen a closed claim or appeal.😐😮😯

I couldnt even accept gear best £30 offer after they closed it🤔 I went back to the ticket system and they done 1 but not the other. 😥🤔Great I can cover the melzie board but what about the missing parts and dead nema? £30 was not enough? and thats just 1 unit the other had some extra major parts missing and broke 😧😧😧Anet a8😷

Why no replacement part or warranty part sent out?🤔🤔 and paypal not protecting me?🤔

Be careful I want to say alot more. Paypal has there back 100% same as ebay.🙈🙉🙊

They treat you like a payday loan🤑. Imagine if me and you could do that? 💸💷💰💴💵💶💷Well thats the thing. I think we would be in prison for fraud🏤, hence no UK based gearbest.🚦🚥✈🛳🕐🕜🕓🕞🕔⛈⛈⛈🌩☔🔥🎃🎌

I will got 1 extra and go as far to say that gearbest is bang goods return centre and they sell the returned faulty gear at discount knowing youl be stuck and be able to do nothing.

All China sellers at it. 1 in 10 are real💯💯 If you aint got your gear in 2week🛫🛬🛳🛥🚁⏳⌛re order and wait the 3months ⌛⛆to open a claim and make sure you put that claim as not received as you will lose a faulty item via return to seller, seller will say they didnt send that "what you have returned"😲or youve send a brick back and you LOSE😲😲😞😟😤

Yea ive gone in.💯💯💯

For good reason and I will do that on the rest.💯💯

At the end of the day💯💯, the game would be better with out them💯💯💯 and those extortion aluminium sellers🔫💰💣 on ebay. SoMe one needs to whipe them all out 💣💣and there is sellers trying but cant compete and they dont send broke gear. heres a few off my dome That are reliable and honest💯💯💯💯💯🔛

ebay names well they go along the lines of-

modulme "One of the best"💯💯💯



alice "with the digits on end."

chipworld "one of the best"💯💯💯💯

greetech "one of the best"💯💯💯💯

candy fly and any fly stores but they also get messy with there payments and delivery times😴.

They have all arduino too. Yes some come bent but its no biggy. Some of these specialise in certain things to.

For example,

You can message modulme anything and he will reply with Facts, link to what you need, offer you instant discount for multi buy ,even give support and or forward question to supplier💯💯💯, does this click with blabla and work ect, he wont try mug you off like the rest or do automated reply lol.💯💯💯

Do not buy them Kg bundles of off cuts either. You wont get whats on the picture.😠😠😡

Double check description on all purchases🤓💁, watch them😈 edit it on a auction win or send you less and then edit it again your best off going with "item not received" 💯💯💯💯💯over faulty missing ect. If you dont accept there offer, your paying for it to be returned and possibly returned again when they refuse it!👎🤕 if they offering you silly stuff,👎 do you really think they will say they received it and it is what they sent and take that loss?🤔

I DONT THINK SO and then what🚄🚅🛫🛬☇☈return shipping!! or total loss.

Take care.👦👧👨👩👴👵👶👱👮👲👷👸💂🕵🎅👼💑👫👬👭👪

Need a giant to whipe them out.

Currently in need of smooth bars, plates, gauntry, 2040 2080 extrusion😲, trapezoidal, motor mounts ect but ive worked out that this could get way out of control.💶💷💸💰💴💵💳

How can a nema mount cost more then a nema motor???????????????🤔🤔🤔

I already proved you can get m6 threaded for 20p and m8 even m12 so why is trapezoidal £5 for 500mm?🤔 and 1m smooth bars £10 a meter?🤔 and places charge £10-20 each?🤔

Why are router bed side plates £150 alone? 🤔🤔when the plates probably £10 and shop will cut for free?🤔🤔🤔

All at it at every level🤔. Even the good ones.🤐 I believe the good ones are apart of the bad ones to in China. UK every one extorts😠. Not had 1 sale Ive been happy with except the 25p a meter m6 m8 m12.

You goto ask your self this and I think youl think the same,extorsion. Paying for a title. Change the title and watch the price change.🤗💯💯

Be careful!💯💯💯💯