Quantity   Component name
16 × 2020 v slot 5 series Extorsion alert! This is the expensivest parts amd you goto be carefull.Should be around £3 per meter.
50 × Aluminium 2020 braces Be careful again. You can use plates ect. I payed £2.50 for 10 and realised I needed atleast 20. Fount 10 for £1.
50 × T nuts AVOID Extorsion and defective. Use m4 m3 or m5 nuts depending what series extrusion your using. Sent me 6mm when advertised as 5mm. £3 for 50 pack received 20 odd lol.
500 × M5 M6 Assortment About £4. I worked out that 1p per bolt is fine for m4 m5 and m6 but you will see £1 per bolt so be warned. Or buy in 100s at £3 but thats 3p per bolt 3x cost ect so the assortment had alot of washers so kind of rip off again.
20 × Bearing 5-10-4 £1 for 10 be careful they dont send whats in picture and they muddle sizes up. You want m5 m4 as thickness and bolt fit dependent on extrusion series.I plan to put rubber around but m4 does not fit snug so I got them longer bearings.
18 × 6mm roller bearings 6 for £2.20 you need these for under 30p each. Be warned people charge £1 each and do the deceiving pics were you think your getting a pair.
4 × T8 Trapezoidal nut Be warned on ebay they show pics of sets and even says set in description but send £1 so 2 for £1 turns into £1 each. All this slows your build down.
18 × 8mm roller bearing Look for packs again 30p max each and be careful on ebay
1 × 3m Trapezoidal Ive not found any for proper price so I bought a lathe but guess what? smooth bars are crazy prices.
8 × nema 23 Im doing multi builds. I payed £3 a motor. Be careful people over charging. £5-10max on a nema.
4 × nema 14s £14 kind of rip off but woth delivery its not bad. He put his price up to £20 so they not worth it fo for 17 or 23 Bipolar
1 × Ramps 1.4 £2.75 consider kits with 4988 drivers and mega board for £8 ish avoid the £20 ones with the lcd that £12 for a £2 lcd price up!!!
1 × Arduino uno £2.20 for this one works fine.
15 × A4988 drivers £3.20 Shouts to greetech ebay for that!
1 × 5m 4pin rgb cable £1.50 be warned tho as extortion prices about. This is for your motors to ramps ect.
1 × Arduino uni 2.4tft I got the ramps extension for lcd and shouldnt of as they are rip off too. Should come woth the ranps board this why I advise the kit. Im multi builing so Im buying more of some otems.
1 × PSU 350w £6 used tested. 2x 15A output with 5v ect. China cant even send a reliable psu with there units.
1 × Hot plate Be warned. Bought this as a mk3 bed with wires. its just aluminium sheet no wore nothing £5 wasted as couldve bought way bigger cheaper and its miles to small. I may edit to name and shame sellers. I need plates.
100 × M4x12 socket caps £2.50 be careful ive soent alot on bolts. They con you so watch buying assortments. You need these to lock your brackets ect you need the matching lock washers too.
100 × M4 lock washers £1 you may need m5 m6 to.
100 × M4 washers Look at assortment 1p per what ever max on nuts bolts washers ect socket caps 3p ect be careful as its serious expense.
100 × M5 washers £1
100 × M5x8 If you using 6series extrusion. 3p each max but 1p nice.
4 × M6x500mm threaded 25p each. People charge £5-10 each. Source local or buy with your extrusion to save on delivery ect
4 × m8x500 threaded
4 × M6x1M threaded Buy in 1M lenghs and ask for them to be cut. Source local. 50p each £10-15 on ebay.
4 × M8X1M threaded Im thinkong use it instead of smooth bar for guide and support or may lathe ot smooth my self as smooth bars are crazy prices.
1 × M12 threaded 0.50p! Thinking lead screw support or lathe it smooth. Source local. This would cost crazy amount on ebay.
8 × M8x500 smooth Not bought. I aint been robbed by no one like that.
4 × M8x1M smooth Cheapest way to buy it this os if you want 1M height or Y movement.
4 × 2040 5 series extrusion £5 per meter be super careful. Ive not ordered as ive found 2020 cheaper and id sooner double it then pay the extra! extorsion again. £6 per meter max! or get 2020 at 2.65 a meter and double up.
4 × M6 smooth bar For Y axis. To expenive ive not ordered. Consodering lathing m8 threaded to smooth but limited noise for lathe and neighbour problems.
4 × sku6 is it? Them ones that mount the bars £2.40 for pack of 4 but then theres them mountable bearing type that are stupid money. I got them as I want strong support.
500 × M2 M3 assortmemt Just because theyl come in handy remember m4 and under 1p each unles socket cap 2p m5 m6 be 3p max.
4 × Nema mounts No being extorted like that. There expensiver then the motors. May fab some or 3d print some.
4 × GT2 Pulleys I got 4 pack of 16mm for £2 and a 2 pack with 5m belt for £3.50 was cheapest I could find on ebay but be warned as some charge way more.
12 × 5to8mm Couplings You want 2pcs for £1 but nice annodised be £2 each lol because of RC that is they extorsion prices.
1 × Reel of 13A cable Just straight but a 50m extension power supply thing for £5 as theyl jave you paying £1 a meter all the way.
50 × End stops 1p each max
10 × 12v 2pin 3pin fams As cheap as possible. I payed a average of 20p each. You need em trust me.
1 × High temperature wire. To many options be careful
5 × reprap thermisistors Butchered spelling lol sorry. 5 for £1.60
1 × V6 hot end £5 max with fan, heater and temp and wire ect
5 × Ceramic heaters Them ones for hot end. Not ordered as im researching heat options.
1 × Mosfet for hotbed I got the extorsion anet a8 mosfet at £3.50 each.
1 × Proximity sensor £1 but I got arduono sensors I may use as end stops too.
1 × Wifi adaptor 2 for £1 ish
1 × usb to ttl Programmer
1 × usb b to a for arduono 2 for £1
1 × 5m 30awg reel For fans ect
40 × dupont jumpers I bought alot of this crap. 500pcs 2.54 females, 3p 4p adaptors all extorsion can just solder.
500 × Dupont assortment With some 100 pack 10k resistors ect all these add up