Sprinklers automated with IOShield

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Automation framework based on wireless Moteino nodes.

Felix RusuFelix Rusu 01/08/2016 at 18:460 Comments

Another node type is now available on the Gateway automation interface: a sprinkler controller. This is achievable through a board I designed to be able to control many outputs. I call this board IOShield and it features two 74HC595 serial to parallel shift registers.

I had an old sprinkler controller which worked just fine. But I had a few things I could be improved:

More details about this addition are found in this blog post. Here's a video demo of the IOShield in action and control via the gateway interface:

The RFM69 IOShield example skech for sprinkler control has been posted at Github. The latest Gateway image andsource files also contain the definition for the sprinkler node, just plug it in and it should pop right on the interface. Sample zones and events have been defined as well, you can easily define your own or make your own schedules in metrics.js. Graphing will show you which zone ran, for how long etc. Enjoy!