AirVolt synthesizes the energy of the transmitted radio waves and is slightly less effective than wire chargers. AirVolt transmits 10-15% less energy to the smartphone than the standard 5 volt chargers. Charging the smartphone at an average of two and a half hours using a wire, it will take you three hours if you use AirVolt instead. Half an hour difference is insignificant in comparison with the convenience of its use.

AirVolt– makes phone charging really convenient and comfortable.

We looked at the issue of transfer of energy via radio waves from a different perspective. All the developers are looking for a way to get energy from radio waves in the air, and the main problem is the lack of efficiency of such radio frequencies. We decided to create a transmitter that will create one-type radio waves and the antenna, which is inserted into the phone and converts radio waves to energy. Because of this, we can get a result that is almost on par with the efficiency of wire chargers for smartphones.

We tested the theory and principles on which will be develop product.

We sure that in the beginning of 2018, the product appears on the market.

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The application will be developed by the end of September.

The charger can function without the installed application.

The desired distance between the transmitter and receiver of AirVolt must not exceed 9 meters. If you increase the distance, charging efficiency will be reduced. The maximum distance can be of 12 meters. At a distance of over 12 meters, the AirVolt components lose connection and the phone is not charging. If the components have lost connection, you need to go back to the distance of up to 9 meters, and after a minute of synchronizing the phone will start charging again.

After the end of the campaign, we will send you a questionnaire, where you will specify the details of your order

Unfortunately, we cannot provide all types of plugs since it entails additional financial costs of production. You can use an adapter if the plug type does not fit into your outlet.

When selling the product, we expect the risk associated with a delay in sending the product. To do this, we will send our representative to China to find a production base and to control the production. The production control is very important to us, since incorrect implementation of technical specifications at the production site entails detrimental consequences.

We would like to highlight another point regarding the safety of funds. Product manufacturing will be divided into 4 batches. That is, in case of force majeure for any batch of the product, we will be able to produce a new one from our profits. And we will not slow down the process of production by handling the production site for a long time.

A small team of experienced developers, who are interested in finding new solutions for the modern world. Our motto is “Simple solutions to complicated problems”. For product development, we will use outsourcing services.

Where to choose the type of a plug and an input?

We will send you a questionnaire, where you will specify the order details, such as the plug type, input type and delivery address.

For your and our convenience, we use backerkit.

Can I charge multiple phones from one transmitter?

Yes, no more than two phones simultaneously from one transmitter. But in order not to lose the effectiveness of charge, we recommend to charge your phone sequentially. Sequential charge as a function will be available in the application for smartphones (ios/android)

When will the application be released and which additional options will it have?

Sequential charge, turning off of radio wave transmission at full charge, keeping of battery life cycle in the “'20-80” mode.

We'll complete the application by the time you have AirVolt.

Can AirVolt operate without the application?

Yes, AirVolt can operate without the application. We want to create the application to implement additional...

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