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Advanced Pick and Place machine

Mika HeikkinenMika Heikkinen 09/14/2018 at 06:551 Comment

There have been lot of activity in workshop in last months. Many new cnc machines arrived and those took it's own time to got setup. Now those are making effectively parts for brdMaker too. if interested what happens in workshop follow my IG account @innonium.

Lot of work is done around feeder backplane. Feeders are now connected with I2C bus. Backplane defines slot based address for every feeder. All feaders can also be upgraded over I2C bus.

One of the biggest change in the machine is the possibility to use brdMaker also as a precise stencil printer.

Printing is yet manual but there are plans to make that automatic too.

Just few improvements to mention from last weeks. Here few shots from the shop.. 


AVR (lordKiCAD) wrote 09/14/2018 at 14:23 point

well now I dont need to design a feeder system lolz

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