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Advanced Pick and Place machine

Mika HeikkinenMika Heikkinen 11/15/2017 at 13:210 Comments

Sorry about the silence. I have been very busy starting new company -

There is lot of progress with the brdMaker.
On feeders, there is second revision going on feeder controller. In picture there are some rev.1 feeders plugged into usb hub. in general works guite nicely. Gang mode(all feeders visible under one serial port) still needs some work. Now working with the feeder rack mechanics, so that feeders can be easily hot plugged into machine.

in front there is own "smoothie compatible" controller pcb for the brdmaker. Own controller can be customized better for the needs of the pnp.

On mechanic side there are huge changes. There is new design for the pnp head that enables automatic juki nozzle changing. Also other mechanic is under heavy redesign to optimize accuracy and work area.

Thanks for following!