The functions 

  1. Sending and receiving short text messages on LORA Frequencies , with a MESH layer
  2. Play a sound on a buzzer , light a RDG LED with a specific color , depending on the type of message received
  3. Use an internal GPS (on some versions of Communicators) to send coordinates
  4. Have functions to act as a repeater (each device being a node and a gateway) . Each user is THE HEART of the network
  5. Offer a joystick to type message on some models, offer a true blackberry Q10 keyboard to fastly enter messages

The hardware side

Most of the devices are based on an Espressif ESP32 microcontroller. This powerful controller has WIFi & Bluetooth built in, making it a nice companion of smartphones or wireless networks.

I started with a small minimalistic model 

Github of the minimalistic SnapOnAir device (the next model files will be progressively published). Schematic diagram

We made a SSD1306 virtual keyboard opensource library for this device .  Virtual Keyboard in GitHUB

Then a version with RGB + Buzzer + USB charging module and Coin battery came

Then a version with a GPS and wider display (low consumption) came 

Then a new Touch screen version was made . Touch schematic

After these basic version we made, we focused on 2 luxury models with nice keyboards: one with a custom made Keyboard, another with a Blackberry Q10 keyboard

Here is the complete family !!!!!

And me 

I know that most purists hate this but we created a Facebook group to share with no experts. It now has around 900 members interested in the challenge. 

The software side

It has been a lot of work , alone, on my short rest time (and also my sleep time). The software part is beginning now.  You may help !