Crowdsourced Atmosphere Science & Student Rockets

Using Arduino, modern sensors and hobby rockets to study air pollution.

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Amateur rocketry can be a great way to draw young could be scientists and engineers closer to the enthusiasm for STEM. The National Association of Rocketry's TARC (Team America Rocket contest - has given tens of thousands of middle and high school students the opportunity to learn more about rocketry flying raw egg filled rockets to about 800'. The Small Satellites for Secondary Students (S4Egg) program strives to move beyond just rocketry to payload science - using modern electronics + rockets to better explore our world. The 2017 S4Egg program constructs a small satellite packaged in a 3D printed egg to measure atmospheric conditions of temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 and Total Volatile Organic Compounds. This satellite collects data during flights on TARC rockets - or bigger rockets!), crowdsources the results and looks to provide a third party source of data about air pollution

2017 S4 Overview.pdf

Overview of Small Satellites for Secondary Students program.

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2017 S4Egg4.pdf

2017 S4Egg Crowdsourced earth science project

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