A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites - sounding rockets and autonomous STEM robots at Black Rock for over 17 years

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ARLISS ( - A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites, is a 17 year old program to deliver a core aerospace science project experience of designing, launching and using autonomous robots deployed from high power hobby rockets in the Black Rock Desert. Classic ARLISS flies 1 kg student payloads on M motors to ~10k' AGL, deploys the projects for them to return autonomously to a set of GPS coordinates on the Black Rock Desert.

Today ARLISS has three component programs:

ARLISS Classic - flies ~1kg autonomous robots to ~10k' for either return to a known location or to do a mission in addition or instead. Student teams (generally university level) come from around the world to compete in September of every year at the Black Rock Desert.

ARLISS S4 - flies .3 kg student CanSat PocketQubes to do a science mission on high power amateur rockets.

ARLISS Extreme - flies student science payloads

Movie Navigating bumpy- urface (Converted).mov

Student robot navigating playa surface

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ARLISS 2014 Pamplet.pdf

ARLISS Overview

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