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I'm tired of flying insects and chasing after them....

bdmBDM 08/02/2014 at 21:220 Comments

Today I added the spacer between electrodes and oh what fun  that is.  I was originally going to use the yellow plastic that came with original swatter but I was lazy and figured weed-eater string or 3d printer PLA would work.  Well I don't own a weed-eater so PLA it was.  I originally made a suture line from tiny wire, tape and thread to ties down the PLA to the base electrode.  That was a slow method and would work but I wanted instant gratification so I broke out the hot glue gun and went to work.  Took about 15minutes, 2 burned fingers (D batteries make great backing for hot glue), and 6 feet of PLA to get it close enough to done.  I found that I could loop the spacer and glue more precisely than attempting to cut individual lines.  If I finish this prototype maybe I'll go back and 3d print a fitting version so I will not have to mess with hot glue and make it look more "finished".