BlueOkiris Gameduino V 2.0 Finished - Release TBA

A project log for Arduino Game Console - the BlueOkiris Gameduino

An arduino uno based game console.

Dylan TurnerDylan Turner 11/22/2014 at 17:250 Comments

I have finished version 2.0 of this project. The console is now portably powered, smaller, but it now has less room to modify the code, taking up 30K to run and making it only work on the uno as far as ATmega328p microcontrollers go because the bootloader only takes 2K leaving enough room for the program to initialize variables and such. On the duemilanove it won't start because the 168K for the programs many char*'s and int's is not there.

However, the new program has a number of important updates:

-portable do to less power consumption because of removal of button and analogue sticks

-updated touchscreen function - Now accepting variables

-updated better running versions of pong and guess the number

-removed paint program when no sd

-Now can have up to 20 applications on sd

-Get file with program

-Open it with FileToList.exe(included)

-This will add it to applications list

-Reset Gameduino with sd card

-Code optimization

While I have finished the overall code optimization and features, I have yet to complete the updated pong game. As soon as I finish, I will create a new project with the BlueOkiris Gameduino 2.0. You will still be able to fins the old version here and at .