Gameduino 2.0 Features

A project log for Arduino Game Console - the BlueOkiris Gameduino

An arduino uno based game console.

Blue OkirisBlue Okiris 11/25/2014 at 21:320 Comments

I have added a speaker!

The file containing software will now come with programming documentation, a guess the number game, a pong game, an app that plays shave and a hair cut when you tap the screen, and a piano app. Also, you should be able to run it on all original arduino's like the uno, duemillanove, etc. now because of a code optimization.

Here is the read me from the *.zip:

GAMEDUINO version 2.0.1

-bug fixes

-write/read files

-loss of buttons/analogue stick(move to all touch)

-file open menu

one sd card needed not multiple for different games

FileToList.exe for adding files to the list of applications

Application storage up to 20

-updated pong and guess the number


-shave & a haircut playing application

-keyboard application

-2.986Kb Left on arduino uno (0.986Kb for duemillanove)

-Please enjoy!!

The new files and a new video will be released soon. If you are following this project, I will make a new one when I release 2.0, so I will post a link for those who wish to see it. The video will also be on youtube and the code available on my website under the GAMEDUINO 2.0 tab (not the regular GAMEDUINO tab).

Thank you.