Fencing Scoring Box

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USB connected fencing scoring box. Box does the work and computer handles the display and UI

The local club needed another scoring box, and the things cost a fortune.  So naturally I thought, "Hey, I can totally build one of those!".  And I did, sort of.

First attempt was way too elaborate.  it was a whole enclosure with EL panels for the lights.  The brain was a teensy 2.0++.  It actually worked as intended but it had some flaws.  The EL panels were almost impossible to see under the lights in the club.  The white panels and the green panels were hard to differentiate under any conditions.  Even more annoying was the headache inducing squeal they produced.  EL panels are cool, but didn't really work here.

You can see it running a test program here.  BONUS: you can here my lady friend playing Tetris in the background.

Wish I had more pictures of it actually doing what it is supposed to, but oh well.

Second attempt cut out the lights entirely and used a computer to display the results.  The box was just a teensy and a few banana plugs.  It sent info over USB to a windows program running on my laptop.  Also worked as intended, but the windows program never reached any respectable level of completeness.

Project is currently stalled for lack of interest on my part (happens a lot), but I will try and clean up the teensy code and post it here for any one who is interested.  I took a slightly different approach from the other open source scoring box code that you see floating around the web.

  • Cartridge schematic

    jaystainbrook03/21/2014 at 03:13 0 comments

    I've always wanted to make my own Atari cartridge, and this project is a perfect excuse to give it a shot.  I have some old Atari development cartridges I bought on eBay, which unfortunately accept only old eproms that dont match the pinouts of modern easily available flash roms.  There were some schematics online for some updated carts, but they didn't make use of the bank-swapping available on the 130xe.  So here's my take on it:

    It's basically an update of a design Atari used back in the day for their later games.  It has 256k available and can be programmed without removing the chip (using a special programmer I have in mind).  You could go as high as 1 meg, but I wanted to stick with through hole components. 

  • Atari Fencing Scoring Box

    jaystainbrook03/05/2014 at 04:43 0 comments

      Since the windows application isn't going anywhere, I had a different idea.  Why not try to make a scoring box out of this beast?

     The joystick ports work as generic I/O ports and can replace the teensy.  And I could fulfill my childhood dream of making my own cartridge.  Just for fun I whipped up a splash screen.  This is a screen shot of it running on Alterra (Atari 8-bit emulator.

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