Interactive World Travel Map / Media Viewer

A map of the world to hang on the wall somewhere, coupled to a media viewer device to intuitively view all your holiday pics and vids

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My brother and I found that nowadays, the amount of pictures and videos on our PC's is so large that viewing them is almost becoming a nuisance instead of a pleasure.

Not only do we need to manage them better, but it would be great if we had a convenient and pleasing way to view them and show them to visitors - specifically one that was suitable for travel pics made in different countries.

We envisioned a physical, paper world map on the wall, with thumb-tacks (or similar) planted in the countries where we'd ever gone on holiday. Touching a thumb-tack would then bring up pictures made there on an accompanying TV / Tablet / Photo frame.

This is a project we then set out to realize together. We'd like it to be as modular as possible and make it easy to adapt for slightly different set-ups for different hobbyists, being a web-based and cross-platform compatible as possible. When we are finished you should be able to make your own version easily!

To make this project easily adaptable to all kinds of platforms, we settled on a structure:

- The actual thumbtack touch sensor will be a small device that acts as a USB HID.

- A website will be served that has a user interface to easily show pics and vids, automatically shuffle them, but also browse through them intuitively. 

- The server will also have local code that tunnels communications between website requests and the thumbtack sensor.

- The website will be shown on the "picture frame", which can be anything with a web browser. It could also be the same device that runs the server.

Our own implementation will probably have a Beagleboard serving the website and talking to the thumbtack sensor, and then an Android tablet or Raspberry Pi responsible for the actual displaying.

  • Some more progress on web UI

    SanderV12/01/2014 at 13:03 0 comments

    As always, I never seem to have time to continue work - but this project is not abandoned yet! The web interface is nearing completion.

    Meanwhile, Tom is looking at building a capacitive touch mechanism for putting on the back of the map, and has bought a map the size of his bedroom wall! Mine will only be small.

    To be continued!

  • Work done on the web UI

    SanderV08/01/2014 at 15:41 0 comments

    So far, a lot of work has already gone into the web UI that will be used for displaying and browsing through pictures and videos.

    It's a Javascript-heavy web page that is already capable of a few things:

    - show pictures and HTML5-compatible videos in a sleek interface (see pic) suitable for touch-screens

    - sort/filter items by date, tags, albums, ratings and types

    - stay in touch with the thumbtack sensor device server through  HTTP request polling.

    Some supporting code has also been done already, such as:

    - A file syncing script used to sync up the server's contents with a network photo/video storage folder

    - A Python server that processes the HTTP poll requests and translates to serial messages to/from the thumbtack sensor.

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