Work done on the web UI

A project log for Interactive World Travel Map / Media Viewer

A map of the world to hang on the wall somewhere, coupled to a media viewer device to intuitively view all your holiday pics and vids

SanderVSanderV 08/01/2014 at 15:410 Comments

So far, a lot of work has already gone into the web UI that will be used for displaying and browsing through pictures and videos.

It's a Javascript-heavy web page that is already capable of a few things:

- show pictures and HTML5-compatible videos in a sleek interface (see pic) suitable for touch-screens

- sort/filter items by date, tags, albums, ratings and types

- stay in touch with the thumbtack sensor device server through  HTTP request polling.

Some supporting code has also been done already, such as:

- A file syncing script used to sync up the server's contents with a network photo/video storage folder

- A Python server that processes the HTTP poll requests and translates to serial messages to/from the thumbtack sensor.