So we got another BT module!

A project log for Gun Trigger Force Logger

This is a project which aims to create a DIY solution to fight bad aim due to uneven pressure on the trigger by smartphone logging over BT.

Emil JEmil J 10/02/2014 at 18:450 Comments

Yay for that! It's CC2540 based as well, but the unpopulated board pins are so tiny! I tried making an adapter board for it with the classic - laser printer, magazine paper, iron it on, peel off, dissolve excess copper. Since the spaces between individual pins are only 0,47 mm wide so that was quite unsuccesful - they sort of merged. Laser toner is just plastic you melt on the copper so no wonder. Order a good prototyping PCB? Not my thing. I have drawn the traces to pins we need (GND, VCC, TX, RX, RST) by hand with aan alcohol based pen. Aw yeah, old school. I shall etch and solder and be back with an update with pictures , hopefully we finally get to actually test it all with the arduino mini and the briliant code to build on from this series:

Thanks [WaiHoYan]!
In the future I'm thinking once we have a proper working board to parse data to android, we could design a holder under the pistol barrel and 3d-print it in the nearest hackerspace Balance is vital. Give this a skull or follow for more updates!