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A project log for Gun Trigger Force Logger

This is a project which aims to create a DIY solution to fight bad aim due to uneven pressure on the trigger by smartphone logging over BT.

Emil JEmil J 08/20/2014 at 22:310 Comments

I'm going to tell you a story of procrastination and bad timing. When [Anna Dedova] had the idea of building this device, I was on a German language course. Then I was with my family in Switzerland. Then for a week at my ouncle's house, doing DIY stuff, learning C and whatnot. Then is now - I had about four days to start writing stuff up and, being a procrastinator, am writing this just a few hours before the deadline. Also, the under 18 form is a bit stupid - you have to scan it again? It has the same legal potential as having people write down their names in an online form and would have the same probability of someone faking it. Supplyframe's lawyers kill trees. But the trees are slowly getting vengefull... just saying.