Hex code decyphered, time to program

A project log for usb oscilloscope data logging

Helping the original parallax oscilloscope log data and more

BDMBDM 08/02/2014 at 15:210 Comments

Here is a SS of the hex --> voltage chart. Simple pattern after the first .07. It is (5) .08 tehn a .07, all the way to the end.

I am in the processing of putting togethor a simple VB.NET with zedgraph component to read the output from PORTMON and plot it on a graph and if time permits ultimatly automaticall decipher the I2C messages.

App will be able to read the PORTMON data log file, look for the pattern of 55, data1, data2, AA and if all is valid (not more than 2 data sequences between the 55 and AA) output the data to a graph. The output captured from the scope is 50uS at 5V for both channels. Will also prob add in a logic mode that will use a couple of params at first to determine what is considered "HI" and "LOW" so it's not a voltage reference chart.