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Wearable breakout boards. Flex Modules have 2.54mm castellations for breadboard and solder on to wearable flexible PCBs

chris-hamiltonChris Hamilton 08/18/2015 at 08:580 Comments

Licensing is a pretty complicated discussion, and I wanted to try to clarify our position since the HackadayPrize requires license declaration.

We are releasing our SociACL and any related SAAS as AGPL to keep any usage of it open. I tend to prefer to use BSD license for drivers, but the MIT license is much simpler so for anything else that is code we make it, will default to that.

I have updated the general repositories to show the MIT license, though the driver repository will be a mix and the individual files will likely contain their own licenses that may be a version of the BSD. We will only publish OSI approved licenses and retain the license of any drivers or other software we have made any derivative from.

As for content on our blog content, images (excluding any servicemarks or trademarks), and anything else we will be using the following CC license:

Creative Commons License