Radio Gaga

RF hardware running OpenBTS to allow SMS messages to be sent long-range over non-GSM spectrum frequencies.

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The premise is thus: GSM phones are everywhere but not necessarily the infrastructure to go with them. This project uses custom hardware to create a GSM femto-cell with OpenBTS and provides two methods for interfacing with other devices. The first leverages on OpenBTS's VoIP capabilities to allow connected phones to send SMS messages to any phone in the world. The second option allows the users to broadcast the message over a long-range, non-GSM band like CB.

In addition to the Hackaday Prize, this project is going to be submitted as our senior design project for University of Florida's ECE program.

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patrick.d.lloyd wrote 08/03/2014 at 22:46 point
Thanks for posting that link. They have some really useful whitepapers in the links section. I was looking at a few other sources and I think Rhizomatica is using the UmTRX transceiver [] for their base station hardware. sells the hardware for about $3000 and Rhizomatica says that full deployment costs around $10k. Since we're starving students without that kind of cash, our offering to the table would be a much cheaper solution, even if it does lack some of the functionality.

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jlbrian7 wrote 08/03/2014 at 21:34 point
This may be old news, but what you are doing sounds like you are paralleling this project.

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