First SoC Processor Chosen: Intel Z3770 "Bay Trail T"

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Modular, low-cost of entry, open-hardware tablet and development platform for Intel and ARM SoC processors + FPGA.

Emparete LLCEmparete LLC 08/19/2014 at 14:330 Comments

August 19, 2014

Intel Z3770 "Bay Trail T" SoC is made for tablets. Quad 64-bit cores, up to 2.39 GHz with Turbo-Boost. Comes in a 1380 pin BGA package. has them available in single quantities for around $50.

Z3770 General Info, Data Sheet Vol 1Vol 2

This SoC will require blind and buried vias to layout the PCB. Will need to use another PCB software for the SoC module layout, as Designspark cannot do blind and buried vias, and has a limitation of 1000 pins per component.

Intel has a Reference Tablet Design for OEMs using this SoC, but requires signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement to get it. As the SoC module is intended to be Open Hardware, I will not seek to obtain this reference design or look at it if I have the chance, so I can freely publish the complete schematics and the PCB files of this module.