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A project log for OSHWatch

An open-source "smart watch" that can be built from easily available parts, and assembled by hand. Designed for hackers

Jared SansonJared Sanson 09/29/2014 at 06:480 Comments

It's been pretty hectic at uni, but I'd like to share my latest improvements to the watch so far:

Where to from here?
Well I would definitely like to implement the bluetooth 4.0 driver when I have time, so that I can implement wireless sync with my PC and phone instead of requiring a USB cable.

I would also like to add gesture recognition for automatically waking up the display, a compass app using the built-in magnetometer, and a smart alarm clock that detects my sleeping patterns to determine the optimal time to wake me up at!

And finally I would like to create a new PCB that fixes all the issues I've had so far.

Of course, the entire project is available under the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) license, and I welcome any contributions. (I know one other person has tried building my design, with success!)