Quantity   Component name
2 × ***COMPLETE BOMs FOR CIRCUIT BOARDS ARE IN THE LIST OF LINKS*** The links are labeled "Custom Smart Sensor BOM" and "Custom Communicator BOM".
1 × Smart sensor custom circuit board (1" X1") Components include TI MSP430FR5739 processor, ADXL 362 motion sensor and ADM 3491 transceiver. See "Custom Smart Sensor BOM" link in left column.
1 × Communications custom circuit board (3.2" X 1.5") components include TI MSP430FR5739 processor, headers for cell phone board, power supplies, analog switches, and ADM 3491 transceiver. See "Custom Communicator BOM" link in left column.
1 × Janus plug-in M2M cell phone boards 5 interchangeable boards that are certified to work with different telecoms around the world -- NOTE! This 3rd party board is not open hardware, but it is FCC approval and carrier certified, which is a difficult, and expensive process. We are not aware of any open hardware, FCC approved and carrier certified cell phone boards.
1 × Cell phone antenna Penta band with right angle SMA connector
1 × Sheilded underground cat 5 cable Connects buried sensor to communications unit -- RF transmission through wet salty sand is not possible. Cable can be several hundred feet long if needed.
2 × 9 pin Molex connectors with gold contacts Male and Female Connects the cable from the egg to the communications units. The communications units can be connected several weeks after the sensor egg is placed in a nest
1 × Epoxy coating for smart sensor board after fabrication Coated to make it water proof - see assembly instructions. Tap Plastics "Easy Cast" two part epoxy resin
1 × Flexible silicon turtle egg mould Made from casting a ping-pong ball - see assembly instructions. Tap Plastics "Platinum" silicone two part mold making material
1 × Polyurethane quick cast liquid (about 40cc) For creating the cast "egg" sensors and securing the molex connectors to the cables - see assembly instructions. Tap Plastics "Quik-Cast" two part polyurethane casting resin
8 × AA Low Self Discharge NiMH batteries (Eneloop) Enough power for many, many months
1 × Battery holder Holds 8 AA cells, with 9V snap connector.
1 × 3" PVC schedule 40 Pipe About 9" total - to make communications tower and the chambers to house the electronics.
1 × 3" PVC rounded end cap Goes on top of the tower.
1 × 3" PVC couplers Connects the communications at the top to the battery compartment below it.
1 × 3" PVC clean-out cap in housing Electronics are attached to the clean-out. The entire assembly can be screwed into the top chamber with a water-tight but serviceable seal.
2 × 3" PVC flat end caps These are glued together, back to back to make a sealed coupler
1 × PVC primer and glue To put the tower assembly together
1 × Communications custom circuit board (3.2" X 1.5") for hand held registration device This is the same board as used in the communications tower, but some LEDs and switches are added
1 × Plastic project box 4.3" x 3.3" x 1.6" housing for hand held registration device
1 × 9 Volt rechargeable NiMH battery Powers the hand held device
1 × GPS Patch antenna For hand-held unit - 15dB gain and U.FL (IPEX) connector
1 × Cell antenna cable SMA female to U.FL male adapter cable
1 × 9V Battery clip With 12" leads - to connect to battery pack.
1 × Molex 9 pin plug To connect sensor cable
1 × Molex 9 pin receptacle To connect sensor cable
9 × Molex male pins Gold plated - for Molex plug
9 × Molex female pins Gold plated - for Molex receptacle
2 × Plastic bottles with caps 75cc white pharmaceutical HDPE round bottles with screw top lids.
2 × Shrink tubing 1/16" dia. - about 1/2" long
2 × Small hardwood blocks Maple or cherry or similar - see assembly instructions
8 × Sheet metal screws #6 x 5/8" stainless steel
4 × Nylon spacer #6 clearance 1/8" long
1 × 5 minute epoxy For sealing cables where they pass through the PVC pipe.
1 × E6000 adhesive For sealing cables where they pass through the PVC pipe, and other attachments.
1 × Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol 91% For cleaning surfaces - see assembly instructions
8 × Cable ties Nylon, about 5"
1 × Wood dowels 1/4" dia, 1/2" dia, and 3/4" dia - about 3: of each - to make silicone molds.
1 × Vaseline For making molds and for PVC pipe assembly - see instructions.
1 × Plastic ping pong ball To make the sensor mold - see instructions.
1 × Plastic drinking cup To make the sensor mold - see instructions.
1 × PVC pipe cement primer Makes cemented PVC pipe connections stronger.
1 × PVC pipe cement To assemble PVC pipe enclosure parts.
2 × Set screws 1/4-20 x 1/4" stainless steel set screw to hold pipe assembly sections together.
1 × Parafilm 2" wide - to seal battery pack and to seal sensor cable connectors.
1 × Small bubble wrap About 1/4" thick. Small pieces to pad battery pack.
1 × Teflon tape 1/2" wide - to seal threads of PVC cleanout plug.
1 × Dessicant 10 gram packet - to keep electronics dry in sealed PVC compartment.