Choosing an A/C...

A project log for RV Rooftop A/C MPU Replacement

This project chronicles the successes, and frustrations to defeating the securities put in place by RV appliance manufacturers.

Daniel RosemanDaniel Roseman 08/06/2014 at 12:310 Comments

Honestly, I did not realize that I would be starting this endeavor when we first set out to replace one of the two A/C units in our 32' RV. We (me and my wife) thought this would be as easy as changing a window unit... No big deal.

We decided that an Atwood Air Command 15,000 BTU unit was a good choice due to the handling capacity and price (we found this unit online at an RV salvage dealer for $200). Regular unit price hovers around $650 for the unit itself (not including supporting hardware and electronics).