A minor update

A project log for Alien String Thing

An out-of-this-world electronic/acoustic-electric musical instrument.

StarhawkStarhawk 08/07/2014 at 02:050 Comments

First part came in today! I already have some of the parts (most of the wood, the tuning machines, and the strings) but the string pegs arrived this morning from fleaBay. Made me smile.

I'll try and get the last bit of diagramming (the schematic) up tonight, if my scanner decides not to be cranky. I'll also be re-upping the outside dimensional drawing -- I made an oopsie in a couple places ;)

Oh -- and I will be replacing the video, when I figure out how to make a PPT into something YouTube will like. I can do far better with plain text and a couple images than with that half-dead electric toothbrush I used the first time around :P (just kidding, but if I could return that horrible camcorder to Kohl's, I would -- alas, it's been too many years...)