Hinges here, lumber later, perf and latches eventually...

A project log for Alien String Thing

An out-of-this-world electronic/acoustic-electric musical instrument.

StarhawkStarhawk 08/08/2014 at 16:300 Comments

Hinges arrived this morning! The lumber will be arriving later today. Tracking on the perfboard indicates that it'll be here Monday or so. Latches are anyone's guess -- they're shipping FedEx SmartPost, and while FedEx thinks they might arrive Monday, FedEx isn't always right ;) be nice if they were here tomorrow, but I'm not that optimistic.

I have to pick up a project box later today as well. Radio Shack's eBay outlet decided to run out of stock and refund me. Argh.

Once those things have arrived, I'll take photos because it'll all be here!

Dangit, just realized I need a can of stain from somewhere for this thing. I think I have some, actually. (I hope so. I'll be over budget if I don't, and that would be bad.)