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The smart Home Comfort Control System that will replace Thermostats old and new

juan-albanellJuan Albanell 08/11/2014 at 09:190 Comments

The software and hardware are ready and working, but there are still improvements that need to be made before this product could be fully marketable. The first big focus would be to improve the target temperature algorithm to make it smarter over time and account for the climate outside the home and the season to have both cooling and heating. Another part of the improved algorithm would involve adding the option to schedule temperature settings, from daily patterns to monthly events. A more complex feature to add would be to change room priorities based on the users’ locations in the house. This could be done by adding a bluetooth chip to the shelºF Sense and make it perform the functions of an iBeacon or with a low power PIR motion sensor. With those improvements to the current project the shelºF system would be able to provide a superior offering at a better price than the current competition. The table below shows that at 1 unit pricing the cost is under $100, where the Nest is $250, and the costs can still be halved if the components are purchased in bulk. Most importantly it would move the industry in the right direction by making the Internet connected thermostat truly wireless.

shelºF Act
shelºF Sense (TempBook)
April Board$7PCB$2
Relay Board$3Power Supply$2
Enclosure$2Temp Sensor$2
Wall USB Power$5BLE$8
Total @ 1 unit$42Total @ 1 unit$40