Artist Survey 1 - Results

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JoshJosh 08/11/2014 at 19:190 Comments

Social Fail.

Well, that survey produced an underwhelming 3 responses. To those who did respond- thank you! Your results were included in the new method below. The following pedals were listed from those 3 responses:

New Method

This is not even close to enough data to begin feature categorization, so I am going to implement a secondary approach. The internet is full of articles on "The Top X Guitar Effects Pedals" or similar articles. I did a few searches for top 10 lists, best pedals, and different combinations in order to find as many articles as possible. For each article, I pulled out the named pedals and added them to a list. Each time a pedal appeared in an article, I increased it's occurrence tally on the list. The list soon grew to over 50, and since I am interested in gathering the popular features, I set a threshold for the occurrence tally at 3. This means that I am only considering the features for pedals that were mentioned more than 3 times in the dozen or so articles that I read. Final list after the break.

Another "problem" is that several pedals are actually expression pedals - they have a giant treadle pedal that is used to adjust a single parameter. When looking at these for features, they are outliers in form, so I am removing them from the list as well. They will not be forgotten, as they have brought an important requirement to the list - ability to remotely adjust parameters.

List of popular pedals

The following is the final list, along with the number of occurrences in the research:

Manufacturer Model Occurance Primary Effect
Ibanez TS-9 10 Overdrive
Digitech WH-1 Whammy 8 Pitch Shift
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face 7 Fuzz
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi 6 Distortion
MXR Phase 90 6 Phase shift
Boss DS-1 5 Distortion
Boss DD-3/7 5 Digital Delay
Electro-Harmonix Delux Memory Man 5 Analog Delay
MXR Carbon Copy 4 Analog Delay
MXR Dyna Comp 4 Compressor
Pro Co The Rat 4 Distortion
Boss DM-2 3 Analog Delay
Boss CE-1 3 Chorus
Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster 3 Treble boost
Klon Centaur 3 Clean Boost
Mu-Tron III 3 Envelope
Roger Mayer Octavia 3 Octave-up
Univox Uni-vibe 3 Chorus
D*A*M Professional MKII Tone Bender 3 Distortion

Feature Categories

The next step is to define common features of these pedals. The pared down list will be analyzed in detail, including any available specification. The following is a list of features to catalog: