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A project log for Pokey Watch

A chromatic tuner for musical instruments in a pocket-watch form factor. Perfect for the classy musician.

dbtayldbtayl 01/22/2015 at 04:340 Comments

Finished* cases!

*Still requiring a little final polish

The first image shows the assembled cases, which is probably what everybody wants to see anyway. The second shows the holes I drilled for the hinges- a nerve-wracking process. Teeny-tiny drill bits plus having to redo TWO parts if I screw up is not a good time. Anyway, the third image is part of the process of cutting out one of the lids, and the final image shows the PCB fitting into the case.

That didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped (guess who forgot to pad the PCB inset in the case by a few mil?), so I had to sand down the PCB a bit. It wasn't too awful, fortunately.

Otherwise, making the cases themselves was something of an adventure in messing up gcode and manually fixing the results with a file. And spending more time getting things bolted down, zeroed, and aligned than actually milling.

Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the results. I should just need to finish up the software side of things, actually find/make a hinge pin, and polish up the cases (a Scotch-Brite pad works wonders- it adds a slightly brushed finish, while smoothing out the rough edges). Maybe one will be fully assembled tomorrow.