More case tweaks

A project log for Pokey Watch

A chromatic tuner for musical instruments in a pocket-watch form factor. Perfect for the classy musician.

dbtayldbtayl 09/11/2014 at 20:530 Comments

Things are moving slowly mostly because milling cases is turning out to be a huge pain- I keep screwing things up. This last iteration was trying to mill a lid. Somehow the part moved during milling, so the top and bottom weren't in alignment. Bah. I would have thought 3 bolts holding it down would have been enough. Pictures should be available at some point, once I have a camera.

My latest thought (since I have to do it again anyway) is to add a little lip on the lid, plus an indent on the bottom part of the case. That way, when the device is closed, there won't be the opportunity for large torques on the hinge itself, just linear forces on the lip and the hinge. That, of course, means milling a new bottom and lid, probably another several hours.

I'm working on a number of ways to reduce milling time (a lot of the time is just setup/cleanup; actual milling time is MAYBE as much as an hour between the two sides of the two halves), which means back down the CNC rabbit hole. So if this sits idle for a while, that's probably why. Any CNC work will probably show up here: (stuff about this project will also show up on said site, though I'm trying to also put it here).