OTPNetwork: SecureCom for the Paranoid

A one-time pad implementation, with hardware/software specifications to provide unflawed security in long distance communications.

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* Development of this project has been resumed, source code and information is available on github*

This project sets up a TCP proxy that wraps a client/server connection in a one time pad. Here is an example dataflow.

Web Client OTP Client OTP Router OTP Server Web Server

Three devices are needed in this scheme.
Network owner: OTP Router
Network client: Web Client / OTP Client
Network server: Web Server / OTP Server

At any given moment, the only cleartext data is the packet length.

No one will know where either the server or the client are. Only the router is at a centralized location. The network server doesn't even need ports to be opened. Anyone using the network must physically visit the OTP Router to be assigned a key.

A small device will be outlined to allow usage of the OTP network on a non-trusted machine.

Other details about the programs:

Keys are tied to connections by an ID/Password pair. This information is sent encrypted using the OTP for that ID/Password pair.

Random data is sent between the OTP programs to prevent network analysis on the packet timing/lengths between clients and servers.

Minimum installation guidelines (OTP Router):
At a minimum, the data connecting an ID and Password to a key file MUST be kept in volatile memory. Key files may be kept on non-volatile memory to allow for cheaper keys.

A small device will be outlined to allow usage of the OTP network on a non-trusted machine. The key, username, and password will remain secure -- but the endpoint data would not be.

Another device (and program) may be designed to transmit this information using a SDR.


The program is 98% complete. I've tested using IRC with great success.

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