New Transient Filter to catch frames that "stick out".

A project log for PyFSPro - Python Frame Sequence Processor

Multi purpose realtime frame sequence and video processor for a wide range of applications (schlieren videography, astroimaging and more)

Mark Dammer MM0DQMMark Dammer MM0DQM 01/23/2019 at 18:180 Comments

I have added a simple transient filter. The current frame is compared to the last frame. If the mean intensity differs more than the set trigger threshold, then the frame is displayed and/or recorded.

With logging (-l / --log) enabled, the mean intensity of the current frame and the difference to the previous frame are logged together with time stamps. Output is either to a file or STDOUT.

Some Possible applications:

- Schlieren Photography / Videography of short events (lighting of match etc.)

- Detection of meteors / shooting stars in Astrophotography