DONE (maybe)

A project log for Intervalo-Thingy

ATMEGA 328 based intervalometer. Stupidly complicated for what it does. This is now its official name.

afro-spockAfro Spock 12/29/2014 at 06:340 Comments

So it has been a while since I updated this. And no, I haven't forgotten it.

I got the Dragon to upload the chip just fine, it went perfectly. Apparently I had it hooked up wrong. Once my brother looked at it he immediately got it to work. Glad to have him around.

Anyway, I went back through my code and got all of the major bugs fixed. I refrained from adding a solar panel or an RTC. I got my board laid out in Kicad, etched, soldered, and installed in a tupperware dish. It works perfectly! And it is my first double sided board too!

I went down to the environs of Cabo San Lucas and did a few astro-photography exposures. I'll throw them in the photos section on the front page of this thingy. You will notice a few of the pictures have an orange glow on one edge. This was due to the orange status LED I had hooked up at the time for debugging it. I have since removed it. I hope to go do some more exposures soon, but the cloud cover has been pretty heavy lately. As for testing the time-lapse functionality I need to go find a good place to do a test run. I'm thinking of keeping it simple and doing a sunset. A really cloudy day could be interesting to see the clouds race by. I'll try to do that later this week.

Annnd done!

Also, I did a test run of the battery life with my existing setup. It recorded over 8k exposures at the last time I checked before it ran out of juice. It would have been smart to have added a battery gauge. I'll do that with my next project. I don't foresee any problems with battery life as it stands. The camera will run out way before the Intervalo-thingy.