VisualK-OS is now officially GPL open source.

A project log for VisualK-OS (Control Console) [Prototype]

A custom-protocol multi-component stage lighting/FX system.

Lord K-OSLord K-OS 12/07/2016 at 21:110 Comments

I had always thought of this as an open source project, despite the niche need it fills and the unlikely possibility that someone may seek to recreate parts of the rig, but now it is official; Supplying the command line argument ABOUT to the main "" script on launch will trigger a display of the GPL license and then exit. This was largely necessary to obtain a free license for WingIDE, which I've included a link to the company's web page in this project's external links. I could have kept using the free 101 version of the IDE, but free stuff rocks for us poor people that don't feel like dealing with hunting down a crack/serial/patch.