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A project log for Open IR Tracking Module

Low Cost, Fast response time between IR camera and a microprocessor. This provides rapid real-time tracking capability.

Eric JacobEric Jacob 08/20/2014 at 17:000 Comments

My initial thought was to simply include the electronics required to attach the Wii to an arduino or other microcontroller. This has been evolving in my mind to include a version that outputs directly to two servos. This would make the module very useful for canned applications like camera/sensor tracking. 

It will not be difficult to produce this additional module pre-loaded with the required code. Some inputs such as PID values and sensitivities will need to be included. Either a USB or LCD interface would be required. This is all very do-able and would be really useful particularly for art or video production projects. 

One immediate thought is that it would be useful for projects like this: 

The skydiver would simply need to have a IR LED to allow for tracking, although the sun might be an issue at times. There may be ways around this as the Wii IR camera outputs the 4 brightest points. The sun may be disproportionally brighter and able to be ignored.