• Success!!!

    j0z0r pwn4tr0n01/03/2016 at 17:11 0 comments

    I went out with the family and tested the rocket pistol. Everything worked as planned.

    I used an old Estes rocket that I had that was really small. The other one I built wasn't balanced properly and spun around end over end as soon as it launched. I let the seven year old run the camera on that launch, so the video doesn't show anything but the ground, lol.

    Where should I go from here? I would like a light indicating continuity; basically an "armed" indicator.

  • 2.0 Version

    j0z0r pwn4tr0n12/07/2015 at 05:31 0 comments

    I bought a different spray can handle and refitted it with the hardware. The epoxy is drying on it now:

    I also need to make a cheap rocket because most of the Estes rockets are too big to properly fit on the guide rod.

    I have a design going with an old plastic cigar tube that should be fine. It has an "A" sized motor, the smallest you can get (for safety). If all goes well, I should be doing a test launch next weekend!!!

  • Archeology

    j0z0r pwn4tr0n08/09/2014 at 17:08 0 comments

    Going through some of my old junk, I ran across this broken project from days long passed. After seeing the "Bazooka" make HaD's front page, I decided to repair this project of mine and make it better. It has a laser sight just for the irony of a rocket pistol being the stupidest thing to have precision aiming that I can think of. I'm thinking of adding a safety, and maybe an LED to indicate if it is armed, although I'm not sure how exactly to implement that last feature. Stay tuned for further developments and to see the test firing once I am satisfied with the device