Motoring along...CRASH!

A project log for DIY Airboat and Controller

A small, flexible boat and controller system able to travel where a standard boat could not go.

compucatCompuCat 10/05/2014 at 20:160 Comments

Just a quick note-I've literally run into a wall with this project. While doing a dry land test, I fractured the plastic on the corner of the boat. (Mental note-must learn to drive better!) Since the plastic is just a coating on top of a foam base, it probably wasn't as strong as it could have been. The boat is officially grounded until repairs are made. I'm hoping I can get this fixed soon. Fingers crossed.

PS-To all of you following or just browsing this project page, do you have any suggestions on how to redo the corner? I have the old pieces, but I'm considering just filling it over with more liquid plastic instead of supergluing the old pieces in place. Are there any other modifications or add-ons I should make? I'd love to have some additional feedback to help this project grow. Thanks!