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A project log for Uselessbots

A low-cost (~$10), self-contained, swarm-ready, Arduino-compatible, mesh-networked, open-source, open-hardware, useless ROBOT!!

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The ATMEL Atmega328 was chosen for the good price, wide availability and

wide community support. This chip is also used in the Arduino UNO

development platform that is usually the starter's platform when it comes to

embedded programming. Using the same chip should ensure a smooth

transition of newbies and experienced users alike.

The microcontroller features 21 GPIO pins divided in three ports :

Port B (PB7:0)

This port is reserved for the NRF24L01 communications module due to the

hardware SPI pins. An ICSP connector is also wired on the respective MISO,MOSI,SKC

and RESET pins

The clock circuitry is also on this port.

PB0 drives a on­board LED.

Port C (PB5:0)

This port is used as an analog input on the arduino board so we just used

an 6 pin connector to provide easy access for adding extra sensors and


Port D (Pd7:0)

Port D drives the L293D H­bridge, and the enable pins on the L293D are

connected to PWM capable pins, (PD5 and PD6) to enable individual speed

control for each motor.

Also,the RX/TX pins (PD0 and PD1) are reserved for the user and extended

to an 3 pin connector that also contains the reset pin (PC6).