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My first robot. Will hopefully be fully autonomous one day – exploring, playing and charging itself in the sun.

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Brains by Espruino, sight by Pixy, tank chassis by Dagu.

Many planned sensors, such as distance, vision, sound, light, acceleration, tilt, compass, rain, temperature, atmospheric pressure, gas leaks, etc.

Hope to one day enable it to navigate rooms with the help of a 2D map generated from its distance sensors, and to seek out the sun to charge its batteries using solar panels. The goal is to make it a completely independent creature with its own set of goals and "instincts", pretty dumb but able to survive on its own. It should definitely like to play with plastic balls and interact with people.

It might some day learn to communicate using the Moss musical language, learn to understand a few human voice commands, and maybe even recognise faces and voices.

Using Espruino and JavaScript, which is a good fit due to its flexibility.
  • 1 × Espruino The brains
  • 1 × Pixy The eyes (aka CMUCam5)
  • 1 × Dagu Multi Tank Chassis The body frame and "legs"
  • 1 × Onboard breadboard For fast prototyping

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