• I did it!

    Joakim02/12/2015 at 22:51 0 comments

    I just couldn't wait and gave Teensy a try. Arduino/C code turned out not to be hard at all, the code ended up as less than 30 lines and pretty simple. And it works!

    The code and a quick recap of what I did has been posted to GitHub:


    I'll definitely be revisiting this project when I get my Pico :)

  • First status report

    Joakim02/12/2015 at 11:18 0 comments

    Doomsday device has been bought and sent from Japan. I bought the last one still available in the world, from what I can tell!

    I have backed the Espruino Pico on Kickstarter, and it is scheduled to arrive in April.

    So I can either wait untill April to get started with the Pico, or start today with my Teensy using C++ code. The Espruino is much more interesting though, as it runs JavaScript directly on the chip without any compilation or mental overhead. It makes for a much easier and fun development process, especially for a microcontroller noob like me.

    I already have the older "big" Espruino, but it lacks USB HID support and won't get that before the Pico anyway. So it's either the Teensy or the Pico for me.

    We'll see if the urge to get a working doomsday device overcomes my fear of Teensy's C++ compilation, or if I'll hold out for the Pico…